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Burlington Township School District

700 Jacksonville Road

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Fax: 609-239-2192

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The Mission  of the Burlington Township School District is to develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential of each of our students through an active partnership with all members of the Burlington Township community. As a school district, we value active learning, diversity, community and collaboration, and lifelong learning. Our Vision as a school system is one of ALL students achieving their highest potential. To realize this vision, we strive each and every day to provide the best programs and safest schools, to promote a highly engaged community, and to operate the most effective and efficient school district. Each year we adopt goals to accomplish this Mission, live these Values, and realize the Vision.

Our school district offers a wide variety of programs and services to help students reach their personal, educational and career goals. The district provides a full-day kindergarten program, a program for academically talented children, a program for children in need of academic support, an ESL program, and various extended school year programs. An array of services for students with special educational needs is provided in all grades. Guidance and counseling services are provided in all grades.

Computer technology is introduced at the elementary level and is taught and infused throughout the curriculum, giving all students the opportunity to become technologically literate. A wide variety of co- and extra-curricular activities are available to provide students with a rich schooling experience.

School community members are encouraged to become actively involved in their children's education. The district offers numerous opportunities for community participation and input. There is much information on our school district website. Register for our electronic newsletter, The Falcon Flyer, and to receive important alerts about school events and news.  Visit us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.  Together as a community, we will honor the past, while soaring towards the future.  Go Falcons!


The Burlington Township School District will develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential of each child through an active partnership with all members of the community.
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