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Notification of Canine Search


Below is the notice from the State of New Jersey which allows school districts to search student lockers.  This notice provides documentation of this law (N.J.S.A 18A:-36-19.2).

                                                ASSEMBLY, No. 422

                        STATE OF NEW JERSEY

                        PRE-FILED FOR INTRODUCTION IN THE 1984 SESSION

                        By Assemblymen PELLY, DEVERIN and PATERNITI

            An Act concerning education and supplementing Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes.

            BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

1.            The principal or other official designated by the local board of education may inspect

            lockers or other storage facilities provided for use by students so long as students are

            informed in writing at the beginning of each school year that inspections may occur.

2.            This act shall take effect immediately.



                        This bill establishes the right of certain school officials to inspect student lockers

            and similar facilities so long as students are annually notified that inspections may


                           In a recent decision, the New Jersey Supreme Court held a search of a high school

            student's locker by school officials improper because "in the context of this case the

            student had an expectation of privacy in the contents of his locker."  Later in the opinion

            the court stated, "Had the school carried out a policy of regularly inspecting students'

            lockers, an expectation of privacy might not have arisen."

                        The bill clarifies the situation and permits boards of education to provide for

            inspection of student lockers in a manner consistent with the New Jersey Supreme

            Court's ruling in State of New Jersey v. Jeffrey Engerud 95 N.J. 331 (1983), decided

            August 8, 1983.


            The Burlington Township Board of Education reserves the right to utilize trained canine units for the purpose of detecting the presence of controlled dangerous substances on school property or at school sponsored events.









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